Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Sorry there was no post yesterday my sisters new phone was coming and my mum was out so I spent the day downstairs playing with the dogs waiting for the door bell to ring. That sounds really sad but its true. Anyway so I spent the day downstairs which means that I didn't have access to my computer hence no post.

And now on to the actual post...

The penguin; a marker of youth.
Whether you automatically think of the flightless bird from Antarctica or the chocolate covered bar from Mcvitie's our childhood was/is filled with penguins.
The true staple of being a child is the ever present ability to laugh at the terrible jokes on the back of a chocolate bar. Or to look at it the other way to grow up is to gain the ability to keep a straight face when someone reads a joke off of the back of a penguin.
I know for example that non of my forensics class has grown up, this includes the 40 something teacher, because a friend of mine brings out penguin bar and read the joke:
"Why are penguins so hard to get along with?
Because they are always fishing for compliments."
The fact that my entire forensics class at college, so most of them are 17, laughed at this joke should tell you something. We are not ready for the real world.
but then I turn round to my family and read the joke:
"Why can't penguins fly?
Because they are covered in chocolate."
My dad and brother did nothing, my sister said the answer at the same time as me and my mother said that it would make more sense  if it said that they where chocolate bars not just covered in chocolate.
Something that is always constant about our love for penguins is that if we go to a zoo with penguins we will spend the longest time watching them. Some zoos have got around this - the crowd around the penguins - by having the penguins live in an enclosed building so that you can only see them if you do in. and putting conveyer belts round the enclosure so that you can't loiter and stop other people from seeing the penguins.
I have a question for you still laugh at penguin jokes? Are you one of the few that could care less about going to see penguins when going to a zoo?
Don't worry you won't be judged...I'm just intrigued.
Have a good one...

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