Thursday, 7 July 2016

Imagine a world...

So I was talking to my friend the other day right and she turns round and says, "Imagine a crappy world, you know imagine a world where something in time has gone wrong." So I say "okay, I have my world." and she says now describe it to me, what's wrong with it, why is it shit?
"I can't describe it to you" I say "But I can show it to you." and she's like "but you have no artistic skill what so ever". And after some creative banter that was hilarious but probably wont be out of context (sort of inside joke type things), she says "No but seriously how are you going to show it to me?"
At this I raise my hands out to the sides of me and say "Look around...This is my crappy word I imagined, in this world something in the space time continuum has gone wrong because this cannot be how it is meant to be."
And know I kind you not she says "WOW deep dude, but I meant something like someone didn't invent the pizza or something." That was her reply and I just couldn't stop laughing, it was just so small, like a crappy world could be made by the fact that some guy in the past didn't come up with the idea for a pizza. And that a crappy world could not possibly happen by Britain leaving the EU or Donald Trump winning the election, oh no these things do not constitute a shit world but not owning a mobile phone does. Explain this to me please!!!

But this got me thinking because when most people think about a crappy world they think about the one thing they love the most and that not being in that world but I can tell you right now that I could not give a crap about politics, that is just a waste of time and is boring. Yes I know that our country would not be the same without it but dear god do not leave imbeciles in charge of it or allow people that do not know what they are doing to sway the way of the government. But I'm not going to turn this into a political debate because that just sounds boring and I have had enough of it. But for the record should I have been a lowed to vote I would have voting remain.
Where was I, oh yes, I don't know what the one thing in my life is that I could not live without, it feels strange to say that. I truly do not know. I have been on this planet for nearly 17 years and I don't have a thing I could not live without. I would be sad without my puppy but I could still live, my life would not end.

What about you? Do you have something you can't live with out?

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