Monday, 25 July 2016


I often ask myself about my Britishness. I mean like how British am I?
I had a scone the other day and my mother wouldn't let me put jam and cream on it without have a cup of tea so as to make it a cream tea. This at the moment is the level of Britishness that I believe I have reached.

A little while ago the guardian released a British Citizenship Quiz, which is basically a series of 10 questions about 'British' things, such as "Who is the patron saint of Scotland?" and "What is the second largest party in the house of commons called?". To me this is not what makes a person British, I don't really know the history of this country and I have lived here my whole life. Just before writing this post I took the quiz and got 5 out of 10. WHAT THE FUCK! This quiz has the nerve to tell me that I am only half British.
To me being British is not that I know the history of my country or the fact that my memory is bad enough that I don't remember the Queens Jubilee. Being British is different for everybody, for me, being British is my ability to laugh at this video because of just how true it is:

Its the fact that we are so different that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to the different things we do. No matter how cringe worthy it is! This is just one video from the channel and the first one I had the - I don't want to pleasure - but pleasure to watch.
When watching this video, I had to actually pause the video multiple times just to obscenely jester at the screen at the stupidity of not the presenter but the way she is talking like she is talking to a new born baby or a fucking alien from not only a different planet but a different bloody universe!

I'm going to stop talking now as I am just getting more and more irritated by this post! and will soon end up on a rant about shit that has nothing to do with this!

Next time on Thapsal I'm going to try and not rant about something!

Have a good one...

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