Tuesday, 16 August 2016


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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Review: Star Trek Beyond

I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I know it has been out for a while (so much so that next week my local cinema is showing it in screen 5, which everybody knows is the crappy screen with all the seats on the same level) and I'm a little bit late to the party but I'm going to do this anyway.

Unlike its predecessor Star Trek Into Darkness my social circles didn't hear much about this film until its release and it feels - to me - as though it was kept under wraps and that only if you cared about the franchise - not saying I don't - did you know about it.
I feel like it was hiding in the shadows, avoiding the hype but maybe it just got over shadowed by the likes of Finding Dory and to a certain extent things like Suicide Squad.
However that it is possible that the producers decided that the people that were going to see the film would see it whether there was hype about it or not. I know that I still would have gone to see it even if I literal only found out about it when looking though the listings at the cinema.
Because that's the type of people we are.
We are fans whether there is hype or not.
Whether the entire screen is full or whether it is just us we will go and see it. And that is what makes these things great they don't try to commercialise these things they make them pure and true to what they are meant to be.

The actual review of the film is a standard one.
Its your average sequel, there are parts that you where written just to get a bit of the pull on the heart strings and others to make you chuckle. But those are the bits I love.
I don't know about you but I have stopped going to action films for the action and the blood and the gore because unless you watch something like Deadpool there is none, I watch these films because they are so good at not taking them selves seriously that its gives me a bit of a laugh and makes my day.

So guys I know this has been a bit of a crappy review and I promise I will do a better job next time but guys go watch the film if you liked reboot series because seriously I'm about to go and re-watch the series because it put me in that sort of mood.

Again sorry...

Have a good one...

Monday, 25 July 2016


I often ask myself about my Britishness. I mean like how British am I?
I had a scone the other day and my mother wouldn't let me put jam and cream on it without have a cup of tea so as to make it a cream tea. This at the moment is the level of Britishness that I believe I have reached.

A little while ago the guardian released a British Citizenship Quiz, which is basically a series of 10 questions about 'British' things, such as "Who is the patron saint of Scotland?" and "What is the second largest party in the house of commons called?". To me this is not what makes a person British, I don't really know the history of this country and I have lived here my whole life. Just before writing this post I took the quiz and got 5 out of 10. WHAT THE FUCK! This quiz has the nerve to tell me that I am only half British.
To me being British is not that I know the history of my country or the fact that my memory is bad enough that I don't remember the Queens Jubilee. Being British is different for everybody, for me, being British is my ability to laugh at this video because of just how true it is:

Its the fact that we are so different that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to the different things we do. No matter how cringe worthy it is! This is just one video from the channel and the first one I had the - I don't want to pleasure - but pleasure to watch.
When watching this video, I had to actually pause the video multiple times just to obscenely jester at the screen at the stupidity of not the presenter but the way she is talking like she is talking to a new born baby or a fucking alien from not only a different planet but a different bloody universe!

I'm going to stop talking now as I am just getting more and more irritated by this post! and will soon end up on a rant about shit that has nothing to do with this!

Next time on Thapsal I'm going to try and not rant about something!

Have a good one...

Saturday, 23 July 2016

New Name🙄

Okay so I was thinking about changing the name of the blog...becuase to be honest besides the few people that read it at the moment where are people ever going to find a blog named Thapsal...it's not really a word that comes up in normal language unless you are talking about soemthing specific like my blog/youtube channel/my twitter account. Becuase to my knowledge I am the only person that uses it...and you can see how I got it by looking on my twitter account (its my header).
So I was thinks let's change it, get some more page views and there for more people I can interact with because to be honest you guys are obismal, you never comment never do anything nd I have not had a single new follower on twitter!
I'm disappointed I really am...if you guys who me on other social media's I can arrange things - except Facebook...that's for personal th8ngs, you know people I actually know.
Guys comment interact with me if there is something you want a review on then let me know...old or new I don't care...I wanna make this blog something that the views have a real say in what is going on it not just random things from my life - although they will still be in there as well.

I was thinking of changing the name to "Sometimes You Gotta RUN, Before You Can WALK."

I was thinking this becuase it is the quote I live my life by and when I am old enough it will be my first tattoo.
What do you think?
If you don't like it comment what you think it should be called, then either I will pick or we will have poll. (Remember to make it clear is you like a name that someone else has commented)
Once the name has been chosen then the art will have to be decided. You guys can make header with the name on and chose the colours for the sight!

Friday, 22 July 2016

House hunting...

Jesus Christ I have forgotten to post agian...but in my defence a lot of things have happened in the last week...

I'll just get you caught up!

On Monday me my mother and sister went to longleat so we were out for the whole day...although we were slightly disappointed becuase our favorite ice cream shop there closed down, the maze was closed for renovations. We also feel that the park in general has gotten to...commercial?...yeah commercial, I mean of course longleat always has been but now it's almost trying to hard to appeal. Basicly they have themed everything jungley and we don't like it.
Oh and on Monday we also sold our house! Which took bloody long enough if you ask me!

Tuesday and Wednesday were boiling and so we could actually do anything in any way productive for more then 2 seconds. This meant that I could not actually sit in my room to actually write a post.

Down even ask what happened on Thursday because I don't remember!

I am now sat in a hotel room in Yorkshire (it's Friday) becuase we started at 7 this moring drove for hours to get to Kendal where we looked at Kendal college for a tour and I had an interview and was offered a place. And then we had a house viewing, which was about an hour away and we had to get there in 40 minutes...which we managed but we felt sea sick doing it becuase my dad was doing well over the speed limit on country roads that actually follow the land.

And Saturday we have 4 houses that we are going to view so we have a busy day ahead of us. Not only that but we also have to drive back home tonight...yay for traveling!

(Oh and sorry but this will have gone up on Saturday even through I write it on Friday!)

Have a good one...

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sorry...and rant!

Well I guess I can stick to my word...I said when I started this blog that I would write a lot for a few days and then forget all about it. Well its true for the first what was it week of me having this blog I wrote I on it religiously.
And then I forgot one day and told myself that I would never do that again and look at me now. I have to apologise for my complete and utter stupidity in actually believing that enough shit happened in my life for a daily blog.

So I now PROMISE to you that I WILL write when something INTERESTING OR NOTEWORTHY happens to me or a friend or I come up with something interesting that I think you might like or of course my reviews on games, films, etc.
This includes my thoughts on stuff like Pokémon go, politics, shit I see on Facebook/twitter/Tumblr and such.
If you don't like it don't read it, that's all I have to say on that matter. I read to many things on Facebook and the like that are then later taken down because someone doesn't like it. And so many things can't be done or said because someone somewhere in our world might find it offensive.

I'll tell you what, shut up!

Because if non of us did anything that might offend someone we would only be able to breath. We would just be shells.
I read a book the other day (I cant remember what it was called) that got shit because one of its characters was black and they used black to describe them. Apparently describing someone as black is offensive but the author then went on to describe another character as white which was not considered offensive. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

Also a while a go now there was outrage because they were called policemen. So everybody had to start calling them either police officers (which is what they were anyway 'policeman' was just a quicker way of saying it) or finding out the gender of the officer and calling them either policeman or policewoman.
I as a woman was so irritated by this because it shouldn't matter what you call them they are doing the job they signed up for. they are not going to start doing a different job now. In fact it actually makes it easier for woman to be paid less because they are called something different.
They want to distinguish between genders but they want equality. They want policemen to be called 'Policeman' and 'Policewoman' but they want all actors and actresses to be called actors.
Society confuses me because one second they want something but the next they want something different.
If we work on their logic we are not humans were are hupeople. And who the fuck wants to be a huperson. Or are we humans and huwomens, but that just sound shittier.

Does anybody know what the fuck these people are on about and what the fuck we actually are besides morons.

Once again I'm sorry...

Have a good one...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Sorry there was no post yesterday my sisters new phone was coming and my mum was out so I spent the day downstairs playing with the dogs waiting for the door bell to ring. That sounds really sad but its true. Anyway so I spent the day downstairs which means that I didn't have access to my computer hence no post.

And now on to the actual post...

The penguin; a marker of youth.
Whether you automatically think of the flightless bird from Antarctica or the chocolate covered bar from Mcvitie's our childhood was/is filled with penguins.
The true staple of being a child is the ever present ability to laugh at the terrible jokes on the back of a chocolate bar. Or to look at it the other way to grow up is to gain the ability to keep a straight face when someone reads a joke off of the back of a penguin.
I know for example that non of my forensics class has grown up, this includes the 40 something teacher, because a friend of mine brings out penguin bar and read the joke:
"Why are penguins so hard to get along with?
Because they are always fishing for compliments."
The fact that my entire forensics class at college, so most of them are 17, laughed at this joke should tell you something. We are not ready for the real world.
but then I turn round to my family and read the joke:
"Why can't penguins fly?
Because they are covered in chocolate."
My dad and brother did nothing, my sister said the answer at the same time as me and my mother said that it would make more sense  if it said that they where chocolate bars not just covered in chocolate.
Something that is always constant about our love for penguins is that if we go to a zoo with penguins we will spend the longest time watching them. Some zoos have got around this - the crowd around the penguins - by having the penguins live in an enclosed building so that you can only see them if you do in. and putting conveyer belts round the enclosure so that you can't loiter and stop other people from seeing the penguins.
I have a question for you...do you still laugh at penguin jokes? Are you one of the few that could care less about going to see penguins when going to a zoo?
Don't worry you won't be judged...I'm just intrigued.
Have a good one...

Monday, 11 July 2016

Driving...(sorry there was no post yesturday)

I have been learning to drive for a little while now. My dad has been taking me out on Sundays and I have been learning to drive in our Fiat 500.
Now I have only recently have I actually become old enough to apply for my provisional licence - Don't worry I haven't been driving on actual roads, they are more like dirt tracks. But anyway, the other day my provisional came through and here the real sucker, I crashed the first time I drove after getting my licence.

I have been driving amazingly up to this point. I can do most things, I have a little issue with parallel parking but then who doesn't. Basically my dad ran out of things to teach me on the tracks that I could go on, and the large open areas that are there the army are playing silly buggers on.

So we decide that it would be a good idea to take my mums car out for a drive. We did this for several reasons. A) it would save the suspension on the fiat (as my mums car is a 4x4 ford) and B) it would allow me to try and drive something different, something a little larger.

So after driving around for a while trying to find a place that wasn't over run my the military, my dad pulls over to the side of the road and we swap so that I can start driving.
Its all well and good to start off with, we drive down nice road, I get used to the fact that the car is a little bit more responsive because of the 4 wheel drive but all is good.
We then get to s roundabout type thing, and we go round it, then my dad says "stop and reverse back round it" this is fine, the side of the car the could be hit by the wooden poles surrounding the roundabout is on my side so I can see them coming and can avoid them.
Then we turn around and the dreaded words of "now do it the other way" come. This means that the poles are on the other side of the car and I have to somehow see where they are in just the passenger side window. (Can we also bare in mind that I'm driving at 7:30 in the evening so the sun is setting straight in front of the car).
I begin to back the car up and I think it is going well, there are no poles in the mirror, the reversing censor isn't going off, everything great. Then I get a "Stop Stop Stop" for my dad as I have reversed into a pole.

My dads not mad, he gets me out of the mess, (although I have managed to dent the passenger side back door and taken off the handle to said door) he's not made. In fact we have a laugh about it, he understands that I could not see the pole in the mirror because of the sun on the pole - according to me there was nothing there - my dad even says that it was about time that one of us crashed. Any way we then drive around a bit more (no more reversing, thank god), make a few more jokes, all it good.

That is until we get home and tell my mum.

She's not happy, at all.
There is a reason her car is always covered in dirt, its because its the car we bought to fit the dogs in, it is affectionately named 'the truck' because that's all it is. It is used slowly for ferrying to dogs around. My mother gets stupidly attached to her cars, previously she has had the two newest beetles named 'Barnaby' and 'Buster' (proof of attachment), her car now is called 'the truck' (proof she should care). But she does, do you know what her first words were, "well I guess I should just be glad that it wasn't me beetle", I wouldn't have taken her fucking car out if it was her beetle, the hole point of it was that it was a cheap ca to fit dogs in. There was no other use, because if I have taken her beetle out I might as well have just taken the fiat or even my dads Jag.

So long story short, when I got back after driving last night I wasn't in the mood to post anything because if I wasn't feel bad enough about reversing into a pole my mother made me feel worse.
That is why you didn't get anything yesterday.

Now I'm in a bad mood again, so if you wanna cheer me up how about you comment something stupid you have done whilst driving. I could really use a laugh now.

Have a good one...

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Review: Now You See Me 2


Now You See Me 2

Can I just say something before we start...to bad I'm going to say it anyway. I was in an awesome mood going to see this, I love the first film, we were going to the cinema in the Jag, there was no traffic and to top in off my second favourite song of all time came on the radio 'Rockstar' by Nickelback.

Now on to the Review...

Earlier today I saw the sequel to Now You See Me called Now You See Me 2.
Which I still maintain should have been called 'Now you Don't'. Which yes before I saw the film was only because of the saying 'now you see me, now you don't' but having now watching the film it is no simply because of that.
I came away form the film not entirely sure of what I had seen, which parts of the film were clever misdirection because magician and which bits just plain didn't make sense.
Don't get me wrong the film was a perfectly good sequel to a brilliant film and I will of course watching it again, but not necessarily for the story/plot line. The film got to the point where yes the directors wanted to create misdirection and they did, but I don't think they did it in the way they hopped. They created misdirection to much that just about anything more added to the film was misdirection. They created a situation where basically 'I'm ticking you into tricking me into tricking you into tricking them into to catching me into catching you' I got confused writing that I don't even know if you are going to understand that.
The plot line just got to complicated, to picking.


There was this one point in the film where they found out the chip they stole was a fake because the paint peeled away or something. And then like 3 scenes later its real...How did that happen? We don't know!
And another part where they had to abort the plan and go straight to the finally, and it seemed as though this was not planned but it was, all of it was part of the plan.
There are so many things about the film that brought it down because the just were not explained. The main problem of the film I think is that it had to be bigger and better then the last, and that was where they failed. They tried to make it to complicated, to much bigger almost to better. It was one of those films that probably would have been better later on in a series, a film that you could have worked up to, slowly in each film adding another layer of deceit in each film.
Because the people watching have gone from a simple plot line with one layer to an overly complicated plotline that take the shape of an onion.

There are a magnitude of things that would make this film better but I think the main thing would have been a bigger budget. Not to add more to the story, but to allow the film to have bits of explanations in it. A theory I have is that the producers and editors have spent so long working on the story that they know it, and they forget that actually they need that scene because not everybody knows what the hell is going on. They forget that no everybody has seen the uncut version and they have actually cut scenes that are essential to the plot line. My hope is that when the film is release in DVD that there will be a directors cut with 20 addition minutes in it so that explanations can the told.

But all in all an enjoyable film to watch and if you love the mindboggling that is magicians that watch it. But I have to warn you, go into it with your mind open and remember to look at the bigger picture because THE CLOSER YOU LOOK THE LESS YOU SEE.

Have a good one...

Spiders - I'll keep the swaering to minimum!

A little story for you on this fine day...

I get a lot of spiders in my bathroom as the window spends a lot of its time on the latch or slightly open so as to let all of the hot air out after a shower because we cannot leave the door open because the dogs go in the bin.
So anyway I often wont notice the spiders and that's fine, until of course they sneak up on you and then its like HOLY FUCK SHIT WHAT IN THE NAME OF GODS GREEN EARTH WAS THAT! and the hole house comes running to your aid - well they are suppose to anyway but my family don't care so no, I deal with spiders alone.

But there was this one time when I saw the spider because I was opening the door and it fell off of its web behind the door and freaked me out and I thought "Aww I'm sorry little spider", basically I felt sorry for the spider so didn't kill it.
I look up to where its web was and saw that there was another spider walking along the wall to the web - I don't know which spider owned the web - anyway this spider then started climbing back up the wall towards its web. It was still going when I left the bathroom.
A little while later I realised I had left my phone in the bathroom where I put it on the side of the bath after taking out of my back pocket so it didn't fall in to the toilet. so I went back into the bathroom to get it. I remembered the spiders and looked up and there was only one - and I could have sworn it was bigger now - and I looked around and could see the other one.

So to this day I do not know whether a spider lost its home/was eaten because of me. Or if a spider got a nice meal of another spider because of me.
To be honest I kind of feel bad either way...not that I like spiders.

So that was my story...Do you have any spider stories or anything like that.

Have a good one...

P.S. I will be doing a review on Now You See Me 2 this evening because I am going to see it later today.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Work Experience...we think.

My sister is a vet student at Bristol university and is therefore home for the summer at the moment. This is wierd by itself becuase A) I have yet to finish college and B) as she and my brother are both home for the summer there are now lots of people in the house.

But that's not what I want to talk about today. Today my problem is the fact that my sister has to a certain amount of work experience for her course. She is at the moment doing her experience at a local conservation trust.
And rather then her, oh I don't know actually learning about what they do there or getting actual work experience. She just goes around and has to make tea for everyone and cleaning out the enclosures. She actually does less then when A) she was a volunteer and B) the volunteers they have at the moment.

Anyway that is my little rant over with...I'm going to go back and finish watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Have a good one...

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Life...!

I have a problem...

A shopping problem...

Not one that most teenage girls have...

No my issues is with gaming, I cannot stop buying games.

I play a game for a bit then I get bored of it or I see a game that I want to play on YouTube that one of my favourite YouTubers has played and I just lose it.
 I spend the rest of the day planning when the best time to buy it is and who is  selling it cheapest.
Only then I manage to convince my self not to buy it. Now you my be thinking, 'that's fine', 'what's wrong with that?'. Well I'm going to tell you what is wrong with that...
It just sits in the back of my mind and eats way at my sub-conscience saying 'buy me, buy me buy me!'. I am actually writing this while I am waiting for my latest game to download. The only reason that stopped me for buying a shopping cart on Steam the other day was that Steam had forgotten my debit cards details and I was to lazy to find my card.

DO YOU SEE MY ISSUE?!?! I'm going to end up broke because I love playing games to much.

I realise that I may have made it sound worse then it is, because I said that I play a game for a bit and then get bored of it. Now this makes it sound like I never play it again after that time but I do, I go back and play them after a while but it is not once I almost forget how to play it and the different things I can do.

Imagine a world...

So I was talking to my friend the other day right and she turns round and says, "Imagine a crappy world, you know imagine a world where something in time has gone wrong." So I say "okay, I have my world." and she says now describe it to me, what's wrong with it, why is it shit?
"I can't describe it to you" I say "But I can show it to you." and she's like "but you have no artistic skill what so ever". And after some creative banter that was hilarious but probably wont be out of context (sort of inside joke type things), she says "No but seriously how are you going to show it to me?"
At this I raise my hands out to the sides of me and say "Look around...This is my crappy word I imagined, in this world something in the space time continuum has gone wrong because this cannot be how it is meant to be."
And know I kind you not she says "WOW deep dude, but I meant something like someone didn't invent the pizza or something." That was her reply and I just couldn't stop laughing, it was just so small, like a crappy world could be made by the fact that some guy in the past didn't come up with the idea for a pizza. And that a crappy world could not possibly happen by Britain leaving the EU or Donald Trump winning the election, oh no these things do not constitute a shit world but not owning a mobile phone does. Explain this to me please!!!

But this got me thinking because when most people think about a crappy world they think about the one thing they love the most and that not being in that world but I can tell you right now that I could not give a crap about politics, that is just a waste of time and is boring. Yes I know that our country would not be the same without it but dear god do not leave imbeciles in charge of it or allow people that do not know what they are doing to sway the way of the government. But I'm not going to turn this into a political debate because that just sounds boring and I have had enough of it. But for the record should I have been a lowed to vote I would have voting remain.
Where was I, oh yes, I don't know what the one thing in my life is that I could not live without, it feels strange to say that. I truly do not know. I have been on this planet for nearly 17 years and I don't have a thing I could not live without. I would be sad without my puppy but I could still live, my life would not end.

What about you? Do you have something you can't live with out?

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


So right now I am in Forensics Science at college and am so bored as I have run out of things to do that I am writing this...so congratulations I may get in trouble just to bring you this post.
Forensics...where to start well christ...I don't know, I'm bored and it is one of the main reasons I am leaving this college. Although this subjects sounds interesting and exciting it's just science...and not the fun times you have blowing stuff up, no its the boring write ups that you have to do...constantly becuase it's a BTEC.
I took triple science at GCSE because that way I could get a different grade in each science and go into more detail. I then proceed to take forensics Science at A-level becuase I thought that would agian expand on my scientific knowledge but to my dismay no. Forensics was/is simply a repeat of what I had been doing at GCSE.

Do you ever feel that you have wasted a year. To a certain extent I do...I have for the past year been doing subjects that have no direct relevance to what I want to do in the future...brilliant planning on my part😶.
But then again this past year has helped me learn different things. And I have new friends aswell as having found a love of crine books through my English teacher. So no an entire waste.

So what about you? Have you ever experience a year or even a day that you felt was such a  complete waste? Let me know...😎

Monday, 4 July 2016


As the first post of my new blog I will simply explain the premise behind it and how it came to be. I am sure this will probably be the least exciting post of this blog but I will strive to only go up from here. 
So this blog has been in the works of my mind for a while and thought well I keep coming up with these ideas and why not let others know about them. Questions that I want to pose to people and the different things that I just contemplate doing. Its really just a lot of different 'What ifs...'.

A blog was I idea that I had because for a while now I have tried to keep diaries and journals and I just keep losing them and forgetting about them, so I thought I cant lose a blog, and I can get an app which means that I can't exactly forget about it.

Anyway, call me Thapsal - no its not my real name for anybody out there who might think it is. I have a minor case of anxiety, where I cant be in large groups of people and I have issues with saying what I really mean and just going along with things. So being Thapsal allows me to say what I want to say and really be the real me. Yes I know it sound like a cliché but its true, and I hope you will enjoy the future posts of this blog and don't cringe to much at the different things I write.