Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sorry...and rant!

Well I guess I can stick to my word...I said when I started this blog that I would write a lot for a few days and then forget all about it. Well its true for the first what was it week of me having this blog I wrote I on it religiously.
And then I forgot one day and told myself that I would never do that again and look at me now. I have to apologise for my complete and utter stupidity in actually believing that enough shit happened in my life for a daily blog.

So I now PROMISE to you that I WILL write when something INTERESTING OR NOTEWORTHY happens to me or a friend or I come up with something interesting that I think you might like or of course my reviews on games, films, etc.
This includes my thoughts on stuff like Pokémon go, politics, shit I see on Facebook/twitter/Tumblr and such.
If you don't like it don't read it, that's all I have to say on that matter. I read to many things on Facebook and the like that are then later taken down because someone doesn't like it. And so many things can't be done or said because someone somewhere in our world might find it offensive.

I'll tell you what, shut up!

Because if non of us did anything that might offend someone we would only be able to breath. We would just be shells.
I read a book the other day (I cant remember what it was called) that got shit because one of its characters was black and they used black to describe them. Apparently describing someone as black is offensive but the author then went on to describe another character as white which was not considered offensive. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

Also a while a go now there was outrage because they were called policemen. So everybody had to start calling them either police officers (which is what they were anyway 'policeman' was just a quicker way of saying it) or finding out the gender of the officer and calling them either policeman or policewoman.
I as a woman was so irritated by this because it shouldn't matter what you call them they are doing the job they signed up for. they are not going to start doing a different job now. In fact it actually makes it easier for woman to be paid less because they are called something different.
They want to distinguish between genders but they want equality. They want policemen to be called 'Policeman' and 'Policewoman' but they want all actors and actresses to be called actors.
Society confuses me because one second they want something but the next they want something different.
If we work on their logic we are not humans were are hupeople. And who the fuck wants to be a huperson. Or are we humans and huwomens, but that just sound shittier.

Does anybody know what the fuck these people are on about and what the fuck we actually are besides morons.

Once again I'm sorry...

Have a good one...

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