Tuesday, 5 July 2016


So right now I am in Forensics Science at college and am so bored as I have run out of things to do that I am writing this...so congratulations I may get in trouble just to bring you this post.
Forensics...where to start well christ...I don't know, I'm bored and it is one of the main reasons I am leaving this college. Although this subjects sounds interesting and exciting it's just science...and not the fun times you have blowing stuff up, no its the boring write ups that you have to do...constantly becuase it's a BTEC.
I took triple science at GCSE because that way I could get a different grade in each science and go into more detail. I then proceed to take forensics Science at A-level becuase I thought that would agian expand on my scientific knowledge but to my dismay no. Forensics was/is simply a repeat of what I had been doing at GCSE.

Do you ever feel that you have wasted a year. To a certain extent I do...I have for the past year been doing subjects that have no direct relevance to what I want to do in the future...brilliant planning on my part😶.
But then again this past year has helped me learn different things. And I have new friends aswell as having found a love of crine books through my English teacher. So no an entire waste.

So what about you? Have you ever experience a year or even a day that you felt was such a  complete waste? Let me know...😎

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