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Review: Now You See Me 2


Now You See Me 2

Can I just say something before we bad I'm going to say it anyway. I was in an awesome mood going to see this, I love the first film, we were going to the cinema in the Jag, there was no traffic and to top in off my second favourite song of all time came on the radio 'Rockstar' by Nickelback.

Now on to the Review...

Earlier today I saw the sequel to Now You See Me called Now You See Me 2.
Which I still maintain should have been called 'Now you Don't'. Which yes before I saw the film was only because of the saying 'now you see me, now you don't' but having now watching the film it is no simply because of that.
I came away form the film not entirely sure of what I had seen, which parts of the film were clever misdirection because magician and which bits just plain didn't make sense.
Don't get me wrong the film was a perfectly good sequel to a brilliant film and I will of course watching it again, but not necessarily for the story/plot line. The film got to the point where yes the directors wanted to create misdirection and they did, but I don't think they did it in the way they hopped. They created misdirection to much that just about anything more added to the film was misdirection. They created a situation where basically 'I'm ticking you into tricking me into tricking you into tricking them into to catching me into catching you' I got confused writing that I don't even know if you are going to understand that.
The plot line just got to complicated, to picking.


There was this one point in the film where they found out the chip they stole was a fake because the paint peeled away or something. And then like 3 scenes later its real...How did that happen? We don't know!
And another part where they had to abort the plan and go straight to the finally, and it seemed as though this was not planned but it was, all of it was part of the plan.
There are so many things about the film that brought it down because the just were not explained. The main problem of the film I think is that it had to be bigger and better then the last, and that was where they failed. They tried to make it to complicated, to much bigger almost to better. It was one of those films that probably would have been better later on in a series, a film that you could have worked up to, slowly in each film adding another layer of deceit in each film.
Because the people watching have gone from a simple plot line with one layer to an overly complicated plotline that take the shape of an onion.

There are a magnitude of things that would make this film better but I think the main thing would have been a bigger budget. Not to add more to the story, but to allow the film to have bits of explanations in it. A theory I have is that the producers and editors have spent so long working on the story that they know it, and they forget that actually they need that scene because not everybody knows what the hell is going on. They forget that no everybody has seen the uncut version and they have actually cut scenes that are essential to the plot line. My hope is that when the film is release in DVD that there will be a directors cut with 20 addition minutes in it so that explanations can the told.

But all in all an enjoyable film to watch and if you love the mindboggling that is magicians that watch it. But I have to warn you, go into it with your mind open and remember to look at the bigger picture because THE CLOSER YOU LOOK THE LESS YOU SEE.

Have a good one...

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