Monday, 11 July 2016

Driving...(sorry there was no post yesturday)

I have been learning to drive for a little while now. My dad has been taking me out on Sundays and I have been learning to drive in our Fiat 500.
Now I have only recently have I actually become old enough to apply for my provisional licence - Don't worry I haven't been driving on actual roads, they are more like dirt tracks. But anyway, the other day my provisional came through and here the real sucker, I crashed the first time I drove after getting my licence.

I have been driving amazingly up to this point. I can do most things, I have a little issue with parallel parking but then who doesn't. Basically my dad ran out of things to teach me on the tracks that I could go on, and the large open areas that are there the army are playing silly buggers on.

So we decide that it would be a good idea to take my mums car out for a drive. We did this for several reasons. A) it would save the suspension on the fiat (as my mums car is a 4x4 ford) and B) it would allow me to try and drive something different, something a little larger.

So after driving around for a while trying to find a place that wasn't over run my the military, my dad pulls over to the side of the road and we swap so that I can start driving.
Its all well and good to start off with, we drive down nice road, I get used to the fact that the car is a little bit more responsive because of the 4 wheel drive but all is good.
We then get to s roundabout type thing, and we go round it, then my dad says "stop and reverse back round it" this is fine, the side of the car the could be hit by the wooden poles surrounding the roundabout is on my side so I can see them coming and can avoid them.
Then we turn around and the dreaded words of "now do it the other way" come. This means that the poles are on the other side of the car and I have to somehow see where they are in just the passenger side window. (Can we also bare in mind that I'm driving at 7:30 in the evening so the sun is setting straight in front of the car).
I begin to back the car up and I think it is going well, there are no poles in the mirror, the reversing censor isn't going off, everything great. Then I get a "Stop Stop Stop" for my dad as I have reversed into a pole.

My dads not mad, he gets me out of the mess, (although I have managed to dent the passenger side back door and taken off the handle to said door) he's not made. In fact we have a laugh about it, he understands that I could not see the pole in the mirror because of the sun on the pole - according to me there was nothing there - my dad even says that it was about time that one of us crashed. Any way we then drive around a bit more (no more reversing, thank god), make a few more jokes, all it good.

That is until we get home and tell my mum.

She's not happy, at all.
There is a reason her car is always covered in dirt, its because its the car we bought to fit the dogs in, it is affectionately named 'the truck' because that's all it is. It is used slowly for ferrying to dogs around. My mother gets stupidly attached to her cars, previously she has had the two newest beetles named 'Barnaby' and 'Buster' (proof of attachment), her car now is called 'the truck' (proof she should care). But she does, do you know what her first words were, "well I guess I should just be glad that it wasn't me beetle", I wouldn't have taken her fucking car out if it was her beetle, the hole point of it was that it was a cheap ca to fit dogs in. There was no other use, because if I have taken her beetle out I might as well have just taken the fiat or even my dads Jag.

So long story short, when I got back after driving last night I wasn't in the mood to post anything because if I wasn't feel bad enough about reversing into a pole my mother made me feel worse.
That is why you didn't get anything yesterday.

Now I'm in a bad mood again, so if you wanna cheer me up how about you comment something stupid you have done whilst driving. I could really use a laugh now.

Have a good one...

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