Friday, 22 July 2016

House hunting...

Jesus Christ I have forgotten to post agian...but in my defence a lot of things have happened in the last week...

I'll just get you caught up!

On Monday me my mother and sister went to longleat so we were out for the whole day...although we were slightly disappointed becuase our favorite ice cream shop there closed down, the maze was closed for renovations. We also feel that the park in general has gotten to...commercial?...yeah commercial, I mean of course longleat always has been but now it's almost trying to hard to appeal. Basicly they have themed everything jungley and we don't like it.
Oh and on Monday we also sold our house! Which took bloody long enough if you ask me!

Tuesday and Wednesday were boiling and so we could actually do anything in any way productive for more then 2 seconds. This meant that I could not actually sit in my room to actually write a post.

Down even ask what happened on Thursday because I don't remember!

I am now sat in a hotel room in Yorkshire (it's Friday) becuase we started at 7 this moring drove for hours to get to Kendal where we looked at Kendal college for a tour and I had an interview and was offered a place. And then we had a house viewing, which was about an hour away and we had to get there in 40 minutes...which we managed but we felt sea sick doing it becuase my dad was doing well over the speed limit on country roads that actually follow the land.

And Saturday we have 4 houses that we are going to view so we have a busy day ahead of us. Not only that but we also have to drive back home tonight...yay for traveling!

(Oh and sorry but this will have gone up on Saturday even through I write it on Friday!)

Have a good one...

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