Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Life...!

I have a problem...

A shopping problem...

Not one that most teenage girls have...

No my issues is with gaming, I cannot stop buying games.

I play a game for a bit then I get bored of it or I see a game that I want to play on YouTube that one of my favourite YouTubers has played and I just lose it.
 I spend the rest of the day planning when the best time to buy it is and who is  selling it cheapest.
Only then I manage to convince my self not to buy it. Now you my be thinking, 'that's fine', 'what's wrong with that?'. Well I'm going to tell you what is wrong with that...
It just sits in the back of my mind and eats way at my sub-conscience saying 'buy me, buy me buy me!'. I am actually writing this while I am waiting for my latest game to download. The only reason that stopped me for buying a shopping cart on Steam the other day was that Steam had forgotten my debit cards details and I was to lazy to find my card.

DO YOU SEE MY ISSUE?!?! I'm going to end up broke because I love playing games to much.

I realise that I may have made it sound worse then it is, because I said that I play a game for a bit and then get bored of it. Now this makes it sound like I never play it again after that time but I do, I go back and play them after a while but it is not once I almost forget how to play it and the different things I can do.

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