Saturday, 23 July 2016

New Name🙄

Okay so I was thinking about changing the name of the blog...becuase to be honest besides the few people that read it at the moment where are people ever going to find a blog named's not really a word that comes up in normal language unless you are talking about soemthing specific like my blog/youtube channel/my twitter account. Becuase to my knowledge I am the only person that uses it...and you can see how I got it by looking on my twitter account (its my header).
So I was thinks let's change it, get some more page views and there for more people I can interact with because to be honest you guys are obismal, you never comment never do anything nd I have not had a single new follower on twitter!
I'm disappointed I really am...if you guys who me on other social media's I can arrange things - except Facebook...that's for personal th8ngs, you know people I actually know.
Guys comment interact with me if there is something you want a review on then let me know...old or new I don't care...I wanna make this blog something that the views have a real say in what is going on it not just random things from my life - although they will still be in there as well.

I was thinking of changing the name to "Sometimes You Gotta RUN, Before You Can WALK."

I was thinking this becuase it is the quote I live my life by and when I am old enough it will be my first tattoo.
What do you think?
If you don't like it comment what you think it should be called, then either I will pick or we will have poll. (Remember to make it clear is you like a name that someone else has commented)
Once the name has been chosen then the art will have to be decided. You guys can make header with the name on and chose the colours for the sight!

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  1. Common guys comment! Do something even just a damn smiley face would make me happy! 164 blog views and not one comment on any of them!!!