Monday, 4 July 2016


As the first post of my new blog I will simply explain the premise behind it and how it came to be. I am sure this will probably be the least exciting post of this blog but I will strive to only go up from here. 
So this blog has been in the works of my mind for a while and thought well I keep coming up with these ideas and why not let others know about them. Questions that I want to pose to people and the different things that I just contemplate doing. Its really just a lot of different 'What ifs...'.

A blog was I idea that I had because for a while now I have tried to keep diaries and journals and I just keep losing them and forgetting about them, so I thought I cant lose a blog, and I can get an app which means that I can't exactly forget about it.

Anyway, call me Thapsal - no its not my real name for anybody out there who might think it is. I have a minor case of anxiety, where I cant be in large groups of people and I have issues with saying what I really mean and just going along with things. So being Thapsal allows me to say what I want to say and really be the real me. Yes I know it sound like a cliché but its true, and I hope you will enjoy the future posts of this blog and don't cringe to much at the different things I write.

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